To provide distinct and premium solutions from brief to execution that creates a unique experience.

First Expression Lasting Impression


A company founded on partnerships and management of clients and vendors, VandR was set up to assist in managing businesses, wealth and accentuating design and lifestyle preferences.

We aspire to be bold for unparalleled service, unmatched quality and most importantly, exquisite taste. In all our partnerships with our clients, we are known for reliability and attention to detail on every project; making your experience with us authentically specific and personal.

Our Services

Interior and Exterior Decor


Asset Management

Portfolio Advisory

Project Management

Real Estate Consultancy

V&R Partners Limited is committed to our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a Responsible Corporate Citizen. We seek to produce an overall positive impact in the local community and society where we operate and conduct business.

We believe that the successful long-term future of our business can only be achieved by working collaboratively with our stakeholders and in their interests: clients – whether they are building occupiers, developers or investors – employees, suppliers, NGOs, the media, Government and the wider community.

Our CSR drive as an organization stands on a tripod:

  • Education
  • Health & Social Welfare
  • The Environment

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