Richie Uanseru is the Managing Partner and Co-Founder of V & R Partners Limited.

He is an alumni of Benson Idahosa University where he holds a B.A in  International Studies and Diplomacy , a Diploma in Global Business Management and an MSc in Global Management from the University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK.

He is a Certified Project Manager. He is also a Cisco Certified Network Associate.

He has over seven years’ working experience, covering Community Development, Sales & Marketing, Trend Analysis, Market Research, Crisis Management, and Property Development.

He has worked in a number of reputable organisations, including NAPIMS-NNPC, Eko Development, and University of Central Lancashire. While working in these organisations, he implemented several marketing strategies and campaigns that led to a significant increase in market share and monitored the completion of several community projects and socio-cultural events.

Since taking the leap into Sales & Marketing, Richie has firmly established himself as an effective executive, whose sales & marketing skills have helped in developing strategic business ideas and establishing key international business networks.

He is an active member of Socially Africa, a social volunteering platform that promotes philanthropy. Through the ArtForACauseInitiative he works to inspire and educate children of selected public schools through arts. He was recently recognised by 2018 YIPAfrica Shooting Stars 100 list for his contributions in Research, Sales, and Marketing towards a greater Nigeria.