COVID 19 UPDATE: Dealing With Mental Health

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be a lot of information about the virus and its effects on mental health. That’s because coronavirus and the social, financial and psychological implications it carries can seriously impact one’s mental wellbeing. Government legislation, mass media coverage, and the increasing global death toll will cause a lot of stress, [...]

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COVID 19 UPDATES: Avoiding Fake News & Conspiracy Theories

Last week I returned home from a month-long trip during which – shock horror! – I was without an internet connection. As if coming back to the reality of a global pandemic wasn’t enough to process, I was also bombarded by WhatsApp messages on the supposed risks of taking Ibuprofen and Facebook posts telling me [...]

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COVID-19 UPDATES: GIS Data Tracking From Around the World

With things moving really fast with regards the covid-19 spread and containment, it is important to keep tab and stay safe. below are a list of real time updates from around the world. COVID-19 Maps & visuals Coronavirus COVID-19 global cases (Johns Hopkins) Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak timeline map (HealthMap) Novel coronavirus infection map (University of Washington) COVID-19 [...]

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