Living in a small apartment is a little bit tricky. It may gives you convenience in so many ways but the way to make your small apartment feels like an occupancy in your hometown is not an easy task. There are some limitation that you will meet in decorating your apartment, by the space, the budget, and the limitation of the land area to enjoy some greenary in your forworn moment. The facts above can’t be the reason for you to giving up on your cozy apartment, but use it to push you become more creative and greatful.

Let’s start the DIY project to create your common small apartment to be an awesome one. First thing first, in case you love spend your free time in a coffee bar, you can transform your living room to be a mini coffe bar. It will be fun to entertain your family, friends, and the loved ones there with some different beverages. Next, you can add greenary into your apartment by utilizing your balcony area. Juggle your balcony into a small garden by using the proper plants and flowers since the weather in the balcony will be quite extreme, especially if you live in the higher floor. For the storage to store all your things, you can build it yourself by using wooden material. You can hang it on the wall or place it under your bed to save the space. The other possible DIY is by creating the shoes racks. You can make it by using fruit wooden basket since it is very cheap. You can find in the fruits stores, then tint it in your favorite color or adjust it with your apartment style decoration. The pictures below will tell you more about the amazing DIY project. Enjoy!

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