MONEY SERIES: Seting Investment Goals for 2022

SMART investment goals for 2022   “SMART” is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals, and it has proven to be a useful technique for creating financial commitments. SMART goals enable investors to leverage their resources and time productively, creating more focused efforts overall. This methodology is commonly used by businesses and [...]

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What Can You Really Use The E-naira For?

Here are 10 major things you should know about the eNaira and how it works: 1. It’s the digital form of the Naira The eNaira is the digital form of the Nigerian physical Naira currently in circulation. It is issued by the CBN in line with Section 19 of the CBN Act. In essence, it [...]

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MONEY SERIES: How To Build a Million Dollar Investment Portfolio

Investing in the financial markets is one of the best long-term approaches to wealth. But at a slow and steady pace, many investors probably wonder how long it takes to make a million dollars using the stock market or treasury bonds. Between 1928 and 1966, the S&P 500—an index of 500 of the largest market-capitalization stocks—has [...]

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Online Investment Resources for Beginners

Where Not to Start While there are quite a few great resources out there for learning about investing, there are also many resources out there that are pretty poor tools for learning for various reasons. Until you’re very familiar with investing topics, I would avoid these information sources and take the words they say about [...]

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How to Plan for the New Business Year (2021)

Recently, we’ve seen signs that many businesses are reopening during the last quarter of 2020. Yet uncertainty remains. In some states, businesses have reopened in recent weeks only to be told to close or reduce their capacity for customers. It’s becoming increasingly challenging to plan for the future. Consequently, many business owners and leaders might wonder [...]

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What Nigeria’s Ratification of AfCFTA Means for Small Businesses

The Presidents of forty-four (44) African countries just recently signed the agreement for the creation of African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). The success of AfCFTA will make it the biggest trade agreement since the formation of the World Trade Organization in 1995. By reducing barriers to trade, such as removing import duties and non-tariff [...]

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How to use Debt in your Favour (Business)

Defining good and bad debt Whether a given debt is good or bad depends on several factors. There’s the interest rate and the amount of time it will take you to pay back the loan. Then there’s the matter of what you’re borrowing the money for. Equally important to consider is your unique tolerance for debt. [...]

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How to Invest In Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin was first released on January 9, 2009. For the first few years, it was largely ignored as nothing more than an interesting phenomenon. Technicians and futurists could see the future potential of cryptocurrency in general, but it wasn't drawing much interest as an investment. But as the years have passed and hundreds more cryptocurrencies [...]

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Agritech Investment: How to Avoid Getting Scammed

There’s a new crop of agritech ventures in Nigeria offering insane returns over unbelievably short periods. A rule of thumb to follow is to always have in mind that any offer that sounds too good to be true is most likely not wholly true. Abnormally-high returns are almost always a red flag. Numbering over sixty, [...]

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Federal Government Covid Relief Loan (How to Apply)

How to Apply for CBN N50bn COVID-19 Support Loan for Households and Businesses. As part of the measure to reduce the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on businesses in Nigeria, the Federal government of Nigeria through the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) have introduced COVID-19 support loans for Households, SME and MSME. The COVID-19 Support fund [...]

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