Ah, the weekend! That time to relax, recharge and rewind…except for when your schedule is completely messed up, like every other entrepreneur, workaholic or student.

As I look over last weekend, I’m thinking about how busy I was, trying to balance everything I needed to do in three short days. Another thing that I’m thinking? This was the most productive weekend I’ve had in months.

One trick that changed it all for me was deciding not to schedule my weekend to the minute but instead to give each day an overarching theme. If I couldn’t get to one task, or if one task took longer than expected, there was no panicking on my end. I was able to actually relax even if I was working.

Below, I’ll show you how I set up my weekends. If you want to learn how to have a productive weekend yourself, keep reading.

Note: These, of course, are just suggestions. If your life dictates your schedule to look a different way, that’s fine! It’s just food for thought!

Fridays are for Social Lives…

And no, that doesn’t just mean going out with friends — that means errands too. Whether you have a regular 9-to-5 or you have a free day, there’s a good chance that come evening, your weekend begins. So spend it wisely.

Run a few quick errands — it doesn’t have to be a lot, but anything you’ve been putting off because it requires you to leave the house is a good first start. For me, that’s grocery shopping, but for you, it could be a doctor’s or dentist appointment, a trip to the laundry mart, etc.

Definitely not exciting things, which is why the social aspect is so important. Grab a friend and make grocery shopping an adventure, or ask your SO to lunch after your appointment. You can have it all!

Saturday is for Studying…

Or for your side hustle. Or just for any “adulty” things that you can do while in bed. It’s not quite a lazy day, but you’re not out and about either. Think of it as Sunday, part one.

On Saturdays, I find it helpful to multitask with work and “enjoyment items” (i.e. low-key things that you want to do or can enjoy).

Working on a backlog or personal project? Turn on a podcast you’ve been meaning to catch up on or let iTunes take control of your playlist. Throw on a face mask and give yourself until the time you wash it off to do some light reading online or from that book you’ve been putting off. It’s all about balance.

Sundays are for Self-Care.

There’s a reason it even has its own hashtag on Insta. Self-care is so important, especially if you live in a cosmopolitan area like Lagos or Abuja where stress is almost unavoidable.

So do something to benefit yourself and to start the week off in the right direction. For me, that’s cleaning my room and forcing myself to do some exercise. For you, it may be cleaning out your book-bag and scheduling for the new week.

Sometimes, self-care isn’t this pretty pampering that social media would have you believe. Sometimes it’s meeting your basic needs because you’ve been forgetting in order to get things done. Take your time, and meet those needs today.