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Simple Tricks to Make Your Weekends 10x More Productive

Ah, the weekend! That time to relax, recharge and rewind…except for when your schedule is completely messed up, like every other entrepreneur, workaholic or student. As I look over last weekend, I’m thinking about how busy I was, trying to balance everything I needed to do in three short days. Another thing that I’m thinking? This [...]

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Engineers attest to Third Mainland Bridge stability, safety

The Nigerian Institution of Civil Engineers (NICE), a division of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) has attested to the stability and safety of the Third Mainland Bridge, which is currently undergoing routine repair works on its weak expansion joints. Recently, there were fears over the bridge following a Facebook video clip showing the expansion [...]

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Understanding the Nigerian Money Market

The Money Market in Nigeria The Money market in Nigeria is an open-ended investment market that allows investors to invest in short-term securities such as Treasury bills, Fixed Deposit, Certificate of Deposit, Bonds, Commercial Paper and Bankers Acceptance. Reasons to Invest in the money market in Nigeria Low Risk The is little risk of losing your [...]

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Why is Property Expensive in Lagos: 4 Facts and What to Do

Why is property expensive in Lagos? Have you ever been involved in a conversation around this question? If you have, then you are not alone as the rising cost of property in Lagos has remained a topical issue in Lagos over the years. What makes this topic even more crucial is the accommodation need of [...]

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A guide to how Mutual Funds work in Nigeria

This article breakdown investing in Mutual Funds in Nigeria. What is a Mutual Fund? A mutual fund can be defined is an entity that pools cash from a variety of investors for the sole purpose of investing the cash in shares, bonds, treasury bills etc (all together called a portfolio of investments). The profit derived [...]

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Things to Know About the Lekki Free Trade Zone

A lot of  people keep asking me what a Lekki Free Trade Zone is, well in this post I will clarify what a Free Trade Zone means and also tell you key things you don’t know about Lekki Free Trade Zone (LFTZ). A Free Trade Zone is an area within which goods may be landed, [...]

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Three Ways To Automate Home

If you’re looking to get started with DIY home automation, the first question isn’t how, but what? What are you planning to automate? Then, once you have the what, you can wade through the crowded milieu of home automation products, gadgets and gizmos, and focus on how to achieve what you want to do. Home automation encompasses everything from the very simple [...]

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Building collapses in Lagos and engineering registration amendment act

Against the backdrop of recent building collapse in the country, President Muhammadu Buhari, has assented to the Engineers (Registration etc) Amendment Act, 2019. Presidential Liaison to the National Assembly (Senate), Senator Ita Enang, while briefing State House Correspondents, explained that the principal Act establishes the Council for Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria – COREN’ with [...]

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Different Land Titles in Lagos And How To Tell The Difference

Land documents are vital thing that anyone who wants to invest his/her money in landed property must know and understand very well. It’s a pity that only 4/10 land buyers knows and understands what this land documents really mean and the purpose which they serve. A lot of people think that the C of O [...]

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The ten most comon septic tank problems and how to deal with them

Like most anything else we deal with in our homes, septic tanks will occasionally have problems. Of course, if you keep a proper maintenance schedule of cleaning out our septic tank every 3 years you should be able to avoid the biggest and most expensive problems. So, what are the 8 most common septic tank [...]

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